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Guitar Pro 6.01 (Cracked)

Guitar Pro Settings for Vista and Win7:

1. Control Panel (Control Panel) -> Network and Internet (Network and Internet) -> Network and Sharing Center (Network and Access Center)

2. On the left "Manage network connections" (Manage network connections) for Vista and "Change the parameters of the map" (Changing the map) for Win7

3. Right-click on "Local Area Connection" (Local Area Connection) -> Properties (Properties) -> Configure (Set) Advanced (Advanced)

4. And in the field of Network Address (network address) prescribed "0024211EAA99", apply.

This should provide with the main network adapter on your computer is the Local Area Connection. If because of this lost online - please contact your ISP with a request to reset you to a new wt-mail address.

5. Change access to the center of activation Guitar Pro
Open the file C: \ Windows \ System32 \ drivers \ etc \ host using a text editor.
Add the bottom line

6. Save and close the file.
Copy the crack "GuitarPro.dat" guitar pro 6 in the folder C: \ Users \ (you) \ AppData \ Roaming \ Guitar Pro 6, if you have Windows 7 / Vista.
If XP, then in the folder C: \ Documents and Settings \ (you) \ Application Data \ Guitar Pro 6
Can you just in case, make a copy of the replaced file.
Attention, this is a hidden folder, and you may need in the folder properties to check the "Show hidden files and folders"

7. Guitar pro free version 6 is now ready. Open up any old files (Gp5, Gp4, Gp3) in the name (in the full file path) only Latin characters

Download URL
pass: trungtuong


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